Digital Toolkit for Primary Care

On January 16, 2023

Managing Privacy and Security

  1. Privacy and Security Training

Reviewing Patients’ Medical History

  1. ConnectingOntario Clinical Viewer: Provides real-time access to digital health records including dispensed medications, laboratory results, hospital visits, Local Health Integration Networks’ (LHIN) Home and Community Care Services, mental health care information, and diagnostic imaging reports and images.
  2. Lab Test Orders and Results: OLIS (Ontario Laboratories Information System) gives authorized health care providers access to lab test orders and results from hospitals, community labs and public health labs.
  3. Digital Health Drug Repository: Seamlessly access information on drugs dispensed to your patients through your EMR. DHDR reduces the risk of adverse drug events such as medication errors, drug reactions, allergic reactions, and overdoses, and increases the likelihood of optimal patient outcomes.

Making Orders, Referrals and Consultations

  1. Prescription Drug Requisitions: PrescribeIT enables providers and pharmacists to electronically create, receive, renew and cancel prescriptions along with status notifications, integration with drug formularies, clinician messaging, etc.
  2. Patient Reports: Providers can receive reports through the Physician Office Integration (POI), which includes lab reports.
    • For Northwestern Ontario: Providers should contact medical records at your local hospital
    • For Northeastern Ontario: Providers should contact
  3. Additionally, HRM (Health Report Manager) enables clinicians to securely receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and specialty clinics.
  4. Referrals: eReferral – No cost tool that connects to a majority of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), eliminates faxing and provides reminders and notifications.
  5. Consultations with Specialists: eConsult – No cost tool available through the OTN Hub that connects primary care physicians with over 120 specialties across the province.
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Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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